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I grew up pretty much in the middle of America way back in the Ď70s when big cities had something like six or seven TV channels and those television sets had dials on them. So did the phones, which were attached to the wall. It was rough, but we pulled through somehow.

Somewhat surprisingly, I didnít have much interest in learning how to read as a child (probably because adults were always available to read to me) but once my first grade teacher forced me to learn it opened up a whole new world. For one thing, you could use the TV Guide to find out what was on without flipping through all those channels!

Yeah, TV was (and is) a pretty big influence on my lifeÖ but we didnít have the Internet back then. The great thing about TV was that it brought you worlds that were different than the 1970s midwest. Caine walked through the deserts of the old west, kicking his way to justice and Superman, Spiderman and Batman all were out there doing their part, too. But the best thing was science fiction. Captain Kirk and Spock tearing through the universe, Logan running to Sanctuary, those poor lost souls on Moonbase Alpha and more. Anything could happen in space. Despite my love for TV, it was a movie that changed my life when I saw Billy Jack and knew that I had to learn martial arts!

Somewhere in there I figured out that I wanted to tell stories. Whether drawing or performing magic or writing, it was all about the story. Over the years I have been a technical writer, a copywriter, a ghost writer and now it is time to jump into fiction. The one thing I do not like to write about is myself, so letís just end this now, okay?
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